Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys are an innovative response to the challenge of ocean conservation in Canada.  Ocean conservation is a function of ocean literacy and ocean health; the diverse participants in the program contribute by co-creating service projects as active civic participation.  Learning Journey participants form a diverse team that makes a difference in terms of both directly increasing knowledge on the Ocean Literacy Principles, developing a love and understanding for our outdoor environment, and engaging and empowering their peers.

The programs have three core elements that build on our Ocean Wise education mission. The first is a multi-day outdoor Experiential Journey, where members will be immersed in nature to increase understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans and biotic environment.  Outdoor education provides meaningful experiences, and this place-based education allows participants to build a strong connection to our coast and each other. Secondly, we maintain and grow our Online Learning Environment for Ocean Literacy, and thirdly, the program will support community members in Reflective Action Projects, where members will take their experience and create a project to share these messages with others. Some examples have been game creation, recycling fairs, starting environment clubs, presenting to communities, etc.

In serving to steward our shared responsibility and joy, a brighter future for our oceans, Learning Journey participants become ambassadors and champions for ocean conservation, global citizenship and a collaborative, hopeful future.  By starting with awe and wonder, then enhancing learning with in-depth multi-media content, we inspire our participants to take action for ocean conservation. 

Participants form an enhanced understanding and appreciation of our marine nation with the longest coastline in the world, bordering the largest system of fresh water on earth. They come to understand these environments are an integral part of our natural and cultural heritage.

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