Current Youth Projects

1) Project: Reduce Single-Use Water Bottles Sage N. 

Currently, Sage is working to identify local businesses that help reduce the amount of single-use plastic water bottles across the Greater Vancouver area. To promote this conservation-based initiative, Sage is diligently working to enter geo-locations of refillable water fountains into two apps that are accessible to iOS and Android users: 'MyMizu' and 'Water for Free'.

To support Sage you can help by taking photos of refillable water fountain locations and uploading them to the two apps. 

A word from Sage: 

"...I think it will be good to show the public that some of our local businesses are willing to provide tap water for reusable water-bottle users. I believe this project can be a win for all!"

2) Project: Southern Resident Killer Whale Storybook - Emmah M.

Currently, Emmah is working to develop a fictional children's book about the Southern resident killer whales. In her book, she aims to demonstrate how these killer whales lead a life that is similar to humans and emphasizes some environmental challenges Southern resident killer whales face. It is Emmah's goal that readers of her book will understand that not only Southern killer whales need humanity's help, but all marine animals. 

A word from Emmah: 

"An orca's life is like our own."

3) Project: Zero-waste Cafeteria - Camille H.

Camille is currently working alongside her school's environment club to create a zero-waste cafeteria. Fed up with the amount of unnecessary and improperly disposed of food packaging littered around the school and surrounding forests, she and her friends have created a waste-reduction campaign. They hope to ultimately eradicate all single-use plastics supplied by their school's cafeteria. 

A word from Camille: 

"It's saddening to see the blatant disregard towards not only our learning environment, but also our local environment."

4) Project: Clothing Swap - Elizabeth C. & Sophia D.

Elizabeth and Sophia are working on hosting a clothing swap event in March. The aim of the clothing swap is to raise awareness about how fast fashion affects the environment. All donation and proceeds will go to the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre -  a place where both members have visited and volunteered their time. If you would like to participate in this clothing swap, feel free to contact them by email: [email protected] or [email protected]

A word from Elizabeth and Sophia:

"Fast fashion contributes more micro-plastics to the ocean than we can comprehend."

5) Project: Youth Ocean Conservation Summit - Natasha S., Cary C., 

For Oceans Week 2020, YouthToSea will be hosting a youth summit for youth across Metro Vancouver passionate about ocean conservation. The summit will be an all day event at the Vancouver Aquarium featuring guest speakers, workshops and Q&As from youth who are doing amazing things within their communities. 

A words from Natasha and Cary:

"It's going to be a splash, we hope to see you there!"

6) Project: Metal Straws for WIRES - Andre C.

Andre has been working diligently to promote sustainability at his school by selling metal straws to his peers. When news spread about the severity of the wildfires burning across Australia, Andre knew he had to do something to support the people and animals affected. Over the course of a week, Andre raised $100 to be donated to WIRES:

Recently, Andre held an eco-soap workshop with his school community. Andre facilitated the session by providing glycerin, essential oils, and dried flowers. Many students attended the workshop and discovered how cool making your own soap can be. 

A word from Andre:

"We reached our goal of raising $100 - it isn't much, but I'm super happy about how the people in my club worked together to help raise money and promote sustainability in our school community."

7) Project: Bring the Aquarium to my School - Yonotan R.

Yonotan’s love for the environment and oceans is evident through his current service project, where he first hoped to bring the Vancouver Aquarium to his school. Yoyo suggested setting up a small touch pool onsite – modelled after the touch pools in the Wet Labs at the Vancouver Aquarium, and over the last two months has worked diligently with his teacher to prepare the animals for animal handling. Yoyo aims to increase awareness for marine biodiversity. He is working to present the results of his service project at a youth-led project showcase this upcoming October.

A word from Yoyo:

"I am working hard now, so I can become a marine biologist later."

8) Project: Cut out Single-use Plastic - Lauren T. & Isla V.

Lauren and Isla have the goal of reducing the immense amounts of single-use plastic at their school. Their school, like many others in their district, still contributes single-use waste to landfills. They hope that their efforts to reduce the amount of single-use plastic will be noticed by their local community and surrounding schools. It would be extraordinary if all schools in their district adopted similar strategies to impact the environment. 

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