YouthToSea: Ocean Service Project Overview

The Ocean Service project is an optional opportunity for YouthToSea members to create or participate in an action-based initiative or invention that advances the vision and mission of Ocean Wise. Youth leaders will be assigned to one of two Youth Specialist Mentors, Jacob Beland or Michelle Bienkowski, to provide ongoing support and guidance.  Youth leaders are expected to complete their Ocean Service projects by October 2020. Those that complete their project are invited to attend the Ocean Service Project Showcase at Camp Jubilee this fall. 

There are four cohort of youth leaders: Spring, Summer A, Summer B, and Summer C. Each cohort will participate in a three-day and two-night leadership retreat at Camp Latona. Youth Leaders interested in creating an Ocean Service project are asked to declare their interest during the Goal-Setting and Ocean Service Project Planning workshop. 

These two workshops are structured to give students a space to collaborate, discuss initiatives and inventions, and create personal goals to inform their future learning and development. 

Youth leaders with completed project proposals are asked to write a short statement (50-100 words) that identifies and explains how their project attempts to solve or brings awareness to one of the following:

- Four Conservation Areas (Climate change, unsustainable resource extraction, pollution, and habitat destruction)

- 17 Sustainable Development Goals to Transform the World 

- Ocean Literacy Principles 

Have an idea but need a little more funding to turn it into a reality? Apply for a Canada Service Corps #RisingYouth community service grant - they have three levels of funding available: 

· $250 for a simple idea to improve your community, available monthly.

· $750 for a bigger community initiative (budget required), available bi-monthly.

· $1500 for an even bigger idea with a large group (budget & community reference required), available quarterly. 

Not sure where to start? Projects may be of any scope and scale as long as they are personal, relevant, and meaningful to you. Look below for ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Lead a Beeswax Wrap Workshop
  2. Join or start an environmental club at school
  3. Start a 'Cut-it-out plastic' campaign at your school
  4. Lead a shoreline cleanup with your friends in your local community
  5. Create a storybook to raise awareness about issues affecting biodiversity in the ocean
  6. Create an ocean-based game for Aqua Campers
  7. Live far from the ocean? Bring the aquarium to your school as a touch pool
  8. Lead an Eco-Soap Workshop at your school
  9. Pledge to reduce your carbon footprint by walking to school
  10. Have nightly discussions with your family about environmental issues plaguing the ocean

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