YouthToSea Council

NATASHA, New Westminster - Executive Council

Hi! My name is Natasha and I'm a senior at New Westminster Secondary School.

I spend a lot of my time volunteering, and helping out around my community.

In my free time (If I have any free time) I’m a competitive dancer, and I’m very passionate about photography, snowboarding, and pretty much anything outdoors! Even if I have many passions I have always had a deep love for the ocean, I’ve been a fan of the ocean ever since I was a kid, even if I was scared of it at first! When I was a Work experience student at the Aquarium, that's when I discovered how diverse and beautiful the ocean and its marine life that lives in it really was. It sparked my passion and my concern, I learned how threatened the ecosystem was and that's when I wanted to do my part and help! I’m so lucky that I have the opportunity to be apart of Youth To Sea and spark a passion in others about how amazing the ocean is, and raise awareness for the many challenges it faces.

CHARLOTTE, Comox Valley - Executive Council

My name is Charlotte Kimmins and I am a grade 11 student hailing from the Comox Valley. My love for the ocean has always run deep, and I was lucky enough to practically grow up on the water. The appreciation I carry for it has strengthened since I have become involved with its conservation. After attending the 2018 Young Women in Ocean Literacy and Leadership Academy, ocean conservation became my passion. I have since created my own plastic elimination program, Cut it Out, and have enjoyed working with Ocean Wise to help bring the Ocean Wise Youth to Sea Council to life. It is my dream to connect a team of youth from across British Columbia, and for them to bring ocean conservation to their own communities. Join us on this fight to bring health back into our oceans!

RISA, Vancouver - Executive Council

Hi! My name is Risa and I’m currently a first year student at UBC. I was born in Japan but I’ve lived in Vancouver for most of my life. In my free time you can probably find me crocheting, reading, thrift shopping, or riding my bike. Some of my favourite things are funky earrings, one room movie theatres, strawberry lime popsicles, and the beach! My favourite marine animals are (in no particular order) harbour seals, sea otters, and squids. Ever since I was young I loved spending long days at the beach, whether I was looking for crabs, skimboarding, or building sand castles. Through volunteering and working at the Aquarium, as well as participating in a few outdoor education programs, I realized how important the ocean is to me. I enjoy educating people about the ocean, and inspiring them to love it and care for it. I’ve always felt connected to the ocean and as a part of YouthToSea I can’t wait to do my part in protecting it!

SANJA, Vancouver  - Executive Council

Hi! My name is Sanja Katic and I am a grade 12 student at Magee Secondary.

The ocean is my home, it’s where I grew up, it’s where I always want to be, it means everything to me, and it is my best friend. I have been absolutely mesmerized by the ocean since I was little, with summers spent by the beautiful Croatian waters, swimming everyday and observing the most minuscule of sea creatures between little cracks in rock formations was the most fascinating thing I could imagine.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with other youth across BC who hold the same aspirations for the world as myself, to protect the ocean and to save our home. I know that we can inspire people everywhere to feel connected to the ocean and establish a place where we can all stand together in the fight for ocean conservation.

“The edge of the sea is a strange and beautiful place” -Rachel Carson

LILA, Vancouver 

My name is Lila Gehring, and I’m a Grade 9 student at Point Grey Mini School in Vancouver. I lived in San Francisco until I was 4, then moved to Zurich, Switzerland, and finally to Vancouver. I have a deep love for all living creatures, whether stationary or not. I love all animals, especially those that live in the water, and care for cherry shrimp but also have a more normal pet: a Scottish terrier.

After visiting the Bamfield Marine Science Centre (BMSC) on Vancouver Island, I started a campaign to get rid of single use plastic bottles in our school vending machines. I spend most of my free time in or on the water. I’m a sailor and a scuba diver, and I upcycle sea glass into jewelry that I sell in my Etsy store, Eelgrass Designs.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of such a cool and special program, and hope that we can make a big difference in saving our oceans!

CELISTA, Comox Valley

My names Celista and I’m a recent graduate from G.P Vanier High school in the Comox Valley! I have a deep love for the ocean and cultures surrounding it, and during school I spent most my free time volunteering to help the Aboriginal Education room to keep a safe place where people could eat if they didn’t have any food. The ladies there taught me a lot about their cultures and their own ties to the ocean and world around us. After attending the 2018 Ocean Literacy Academy I started to wonder how I could help advocate for ocean conservation and spread more knowledge about plastics effects on our oceans. I can’t wait to share my ideas with others and see just what we can all achieve together!

LAUREN, Vancouver

Hi! I'm Lauren and I'm a junior from Lord Byng High School. I love volunteering, hiking, thrifting, and kicking it back with my friends.

I am so excited to be a part of Youth to Sea. I have been in love with the ocean since my first encounter with it at age three (my first time at the beach and I ran straight towards the water, my poor parents!). The older I got, and the more shark weeks I watched, it became apparent to me how vital the conservation of the ocean and its ecosystem is. Which is why I couldn't believe my luck when I heard about Youth to Sea from Workexperience. It makes me so happy to have a chance, as a youth, to play a part in conservation as well as a chance to meet other like-minded people.

"No water, no life. No blue, no green." -Sylvia Earle

ASTRID, Victoria

Hello! I am Astrid and I am a grade 11 student at St.Margaret’s School in Victoria. I have a strong passion towards ocean literacy, aquatic life, and protecting them. I hope I can help more people to understand how to prompt a sustainable ocean through perceiving people’s roles in the local and global community.

In modern lives it is easy to get lost, and it is easy to get so busy doing so many things that we lose track of why we are doing them. Ocean gives us a chance to reconnect with ourselves and the natural world. We’ll be able to walk into nature again, enjoy the authenticity of beauty, and reclaim the soul’s heritage.

Understanding this, I am deeply immersed with perusing the trajectory of aquatic affairs. I am looking forward to contributing to Youth to Sea and expanding my learning horizons.

JENNIFER, Vancouver

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I’m currently a senior student in Eric Hamber. I was born in China and this is my fourth year live in Vancouver. In my free time, I’d love to do jogging with my friends, so you can probably see me in the park jogging around for most of morning time. Also, at school, my favorite thing is to discuss some of math problems with my friends in our break time because it’s pretty fun! My favorite marine animals are jellyfishes and sea otters.

After volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium for two years, I was deeply attracted by those lovely marine creatures and I thought I was inspired by oceans. I think I need to do something for conserving oceans, so I apply for the YouthToSea program. I’m glad to have this opportunity to be a part of this program and I hope I can do as much as possible to protect our precious oceans.


My name is Madeline, I go to Wellington Secondary School in Nanaimo and am graduating this school year.

I joined this program looking for a way to contribute my ideas and observations about our environment. I would love to bring a self sustainability component to the program as this is my personal focus!

The outdoors has always been a part of my life and I want to help preserve it’s beauty.

SAGE, Vancouver

Hi, my name is Sage Narita. I am a Grade 10 Work Experience student at the Vancouver Aquarium who has been volunteering as an AquaCamp educator since the summer of 2018.

My love for ocean grew naturally as I have been a lifelong member of the Vancouver Aquarium. I consider there as my second home which means all ocean life is like my family. Also, the staffs educated me through YELP and Work Experience program. With their help, I attended the OceanHero bootcamp this summer in Vancouver. This camp gave me a great opportunity to learn and meet inspiring people from all over the world. Now I am aware that many youth are taking action to keep ocean healthy. So, I am excited to join this group to work together to make a positive impact in our area.

In addition to my volunteer work, I enjoy playing soccer. I am also a certified soccer referee. Therefore, I can be spotted on soccer fields almost everyday after school and weekends.

CHLOE, Vancouver

Hey there! My name is Chloe, and I’m currently a senior in high school. Some of my hobbies include writing, acting and dancing.

I’ve always had an affinity with the ocean ever since I was little, seeing as swimming and fantasizing about marine life were two of the few past times they kept me actively occupied. I’m looking forward to being a part of the YouthtoSea Program to meet like-minded individuals who share a similar interest and respect for one of our world’s largest ecosystems, who are excited and eager to do our part in helping to better the ocean environment.

REBECCA, Vancouver

Hi! My name is Rebecca, and I am a senior at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. My favourite hobbies include dragon boating, taking my dog to beaches and reading.

I can't wait to be apart of the Youth to Sea program because, in the past few years, I've become more and more interested in environmental conservation. With this program, I hope to meet peers that share the same passions and have the opportunity to partake in conservation efforts. After all, unless Elon Musk is successful in colonizing Mars, we should do our best in protecting all aspects of our planet because it's all we got.

SIMONE, Vancouver

Hey! I'm a first year BEnvironment student at SFU. On any given day, you could probably find me on campus in my lulus with a tea in hand. I coach and play volleyball and am currently working at an ethical cosmetics company!

My desire for sustainability transcends the "I"-statements that we hear so often (ie: I live here, I want my kids to have a future, etc). Instead, it comes from my prioritization of equity and justice. Environmental crises are issues that affect disadvantaged demographics first, and is then inherently racist and ableist. Furthermore, why is the convenience of the upper class's unsustainable consumer habits valued over the preservation of indigeneity and wildlife? My passion for sustainability, specifically water justice,

is fueled by the desire for coexistence and that is when we will see holistic cultural, economic, and environmental shifts and prosperity. I am excited to join this council because it gives me another platform through which I can make change.

EMMAH, Vancouver

 Hi, my name is Emmah and I am working on my grade twelve year as a home school student. I have loved the ocean ever since I was little, and one of my favorite places in the world is the Vancouver Aquarium. Currently, I am fascinated by killer whales! This past summer I went whale watching out of Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island, and saw killer whales for the first time. It was an incredible experience and I would love to expand my knowledge in this area by working with the public to help save the southern resident killer whales. During the Spring and Summer of this year, I spent most of my weekends volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium as a work experience student. I was a gallery interpreter and enjoyed every minute of it! I also think that it would be awesome to help create a project for 2020 World Oceans Day because I happened to be at the Aquarium for 2019 World Oceans Day, and it was such a positive experience to be part of a growing movement to raise awareness for ocean conservation.

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