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YouthToSea invites Canadian youth throughout British Columbia to apply to our Leadership Program. At YouthToSea, we endeavor to unite youth with one common goal: to protect and conserve our oceans. Our mission is to coach youth (15-18) to provide them with opportunities to develop their problem-solving, critical-thinking, and communication skills. At the end of our program, youth are equipped with skills, tools, and strategies to be active decision-makers in their local, regional, and national communities. 

Youth engage with their local community through two placements options. The first, a unique experience with AquaCamps at the Vancouver Aquarium. Summer recruitment is open for prospective youth hoping to secure a placement in the Leadership program. Through training and placement in AquaCamps, youth will complete over 120 hours of service.

The second option is through local community service projects designed and implemented by our youth! Our program specialists will provide coaching and opportunities for skill growth as you design projects of your choosing. All 120 service hours are to be completed through mentorship calls, monthly workshops, project development and implementation.

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