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At Ocean Wise, our mission is to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing its understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans. Our Children & Youth Programs are immersive ocean education experiences that foster love for our oceans through fun and interactive activities, engaging over 9,000 children, youth and families in marine science annually.

Our youth programs and initiatives create space for the next generation of environmental leaders to be supported and inspired.

YouthToSea:  YouthToSea is designed to give a voice to youth in discussions about ocean conservation and sustainability. Our members will  develop their own ideas to become part of a larger group of environmental leaders.  Youth will gain valuable work experience, service hours and mentorship in leadership and education through a work placement with our AquaCamps program at the Vancouver Aquarium.  Training includes several certifications and a weekend retreat with team-building and leadership programs. Our goal is to create a space where youth can connect and support each other as they take action in their own communities to drive ocean conservation efforts. Participants will have the opportunity to develop service projects to be part of a youth-driven effort to inspire the next generation of global leaders, and engage the public in ocean conservation efforts

Learning Journeys: Learning Journey's are multi-day excursions that allow youth the opportunity to encounter new experiences and challenges that furthers their personal and professional development. On our Learning Journey's participants work together as a diverse team across Greater Vancouver to increase their knowledge on the Ocean Literacy Principles. Our hope is that we help develop and foster a love and understanding for our outdoor environment. Learning Journey participants become ambassadors and champions for ocean conservation, global citizenship and a collaborative, hopeful future.  By starting with awe and wonder, then enhancing learning with in-depth multi-media content, we inspire our participants to take action for ocean conservation. 

Duke of Edinburgh's International Award: Ocean Wise is proud to partner with the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, giving youth the opportunity to complete their award under the mentorship of Ocean Wise staff.  The Duke Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognized program for young people, building their skills to equip them for life and work. 


Online Ocean: If you are looking for unique ways to engage and learn about the ocean - look no further. Educators and animal experts at Ocean Wise and Vancouver Aquarium have compiled fun activities and educational resources to teach kids to learn and care for the ocean from the comfort of your living room. From crafts to live-stream programsOnline Ocean has it all. Content will be updated regularly. Check back often.

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