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I see “the good life” as an existence in which people have security and happiness. They feel safe about their surroundings, have comfortable access to food, water, shelter, and feel no threat to their way of life. Positive community interaction is a major source of happiness, and people care about each other. Individuals act in the interest of others and not just themselves, because the sense of safety and satisfaction with life makes them feel no need to act selfishly. Climate change is an issue that affects all of these principles, eliminating security as weather becomes more extreme, and threatening livelihood in many places. This all-pervading nature of climate change interests me, and because it affects us all I believe we must all work together to deal with it. I consider climate change to be among the most important issues, which requires cooperation from everyone and mass social change.

My idea of a good life has been shaped by growing up in Canada, my family, the people I’ve met, and my role models. Canada has an identity of multiculturalism, understanding and respecting other cultures and their hardships is something that is important to me. My family is ethnically diverse, and this has allowed me to experience living in different ways, with different means and with different priorities in my day-to-day life. Things that I value in my own life, social interactions and activities I enjoy, also have a significant impact on how I think a good life would look.

Climate change has made weather more erratic where I live, with temperature changing from unnaturally warm for the season to freezing. These rapid changes in temperature make many people ill, and make it difficult to adjust. Activities I would be doing at this time of year, for example ice skating, are not possible because it has been too warm for the ice to set, or far too cold to safely leave the house. For weather patterns to return to normal drastic change needs to be made and sustained for a long period of time, such as reductions in consumption, greater awareness of environmental impact, and innovations in renewable technology.

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