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​For me, “the good life” is a happy life. Happiness can come from many things. Personally, being a part of a loving family and the ability to pursue my passions are what I value the most. I also believe that basic needs, rights and freedoms are essential to feeling happy. During my childhood, family upbringing, religion and culture were the things that shaped my initial idea of “the good life.” Now as a youth my idea of a good life is influenced by the circumstances and opportunities I am given, therefore it is constantly changing. As I grow up, the new people I meet with varying ideas of “the good life” will all contribute to my perspective on life.

I am interested in climate change because it is something that affects everyone on this Earth. For many it is impacting their ability to secure food, water and shelter. Extreme temperatures can be dangerous without air conditioning or heating. Droughts are causing communities to be at risk by the increase of water shortages, forest fires and destruction of crops. These are just the things that I am aware of so far but I am sure there are lots more. For myself, climate change is just affecting my ability to enjoy my hobbies, like going out to the outdoor rink with my family and friends to play hockey, and to the ski hill to go snowboarding. But for others it is life threatening; I believe that I should do what I can to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

I hope to continue to involve myself in classes like Global Connect so I can keep myself and others educated and take part in climate change initiatives.

In my profile is me at Lake Louise doing some snowboarding.

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