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Canada Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
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About Me

What is your vision for a sustainable world?
My vision for a sustainable world is for everybody to have access to clean water and for education on a sustainable environment to be the norm. My wish for the future is for more people to care about this land that we live on and whose air we breath, creating a more Eco-friendly nation.

What are you planning to do to make this vision a reality?
I plan to spread awareness and educate my peers and my community on the importance of the environment. The people who are going to make a change in the upcoming years will be the youth. Soon this will be our world however without knowledge and collaboration the environment will keep getting worse.

What impact has colonization had on our journey to a sustainable planet?
Colonization sped up the development of countries, colonizers didn't care about about the environment, only profit. They took territory away from the First Nations, who were living in harmony with the environment. This led to a massive amount of people who don't care for their environment and are disconnected from nature.

  • My Interests
    Child & Youth Rights, Climate Change, Environment, Global Citizenship

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