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About Me

Hi, my name is Badr as you can tell. I am currently in grade 12 attending Queen Elizabeth High school. My favorite subjects are Social, Math and Chemistry. I was born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta but my parents immigrated to Canada from Tangier, Morocco. After high school, I aspire to go to university and get a PhD in astronomical studies. Climate change is the change in weather pattern which can eventually lead to global warming or cooling. Climate change impacts my quality of in many different aspects. Here in Edmonton, our weather has been dropping to temperatures below -40 and increasing to be higher than +1. The fluctuation in weather patterns results in many infrastructures becoming damaged and puts many lives in great danger. This has a great impact in my quality of life because I feel as though my safety is being impacted. I define a good life as living in a geography in which I am safe, have access to education, fresh water, clean air, and food. this idea has been shaped by my parents who have lived in a third world country in which they were not guaranteed safety or not provided a fresh source of water. I've learned from their experience that if you cannot obtain these resources it is extremely difficult to maintain a good life. The reason I take interest in climate change is that its a topic that everyone is being impacted by. It brings us as a global community together to solve this issue and to me, that's an opportunity that many other generations aren't able to take part of. Classes such as global connect that our school provides, allows us to take part in an amazing initiative to spread awareness on climate change. Through these clubs and classes, i've learned that when seeking resolutions for the climate we often ignore many individuals such as the youth and indigenous communities.

  • My Interests
    Education, Genocide, Green Spaces, Political Thought