How does plastic end up in the Arctic? 4b

Environment   Nov 14, 2017 by cielo meza

Since the ocean is always moving, because of the tides, wind, sun, earths rotation etc.

The plastic can be piled up, in a gyre- a gyre is a whirlpool created by Earths rotation and the global wind pattern.

There are Gyres that are found in all the five major ocean, North Pacific, South Pacific Gyre, The North Atlantic And South Atlantic gyres and then the Indian Ocean Gyre.

At the center of these gyres, you get this massive piles of plastic ( they can speed up to years in the gyres until a storm comes to place them away or water variation)

Any of these can end up in the Gulf Stream which is along the east coast of North America.

Then it travels all the way to the Arctic.

There has been recent study, that The Arctic has mejor garbage ( plastic).

I think that we can help the earth by starting to recycle, and not throwing it around.

I don’t know why people throw plastic anywhere, Whenever I see garbage I just pick it up; even if it isn’t mine.

It’s just weird to see garbage lying around. I just don’t get what they litter; they have the same amount of energy used by throwing it in the recycling bin or garbage can ; or like other people do- throw it anywhere they would like.

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Jolene Huynh
Nov 23, 2017

I would like to add:

Small plastics such as micro beads can also contribute to gyres. This is concerning because micro beads are in many products that get washed down the drain. They are in toothpastes, face wash, shampoo, etc. I was curious if any action is going to take place and there is something being done!

Nov 15, 2017

Wow. I never knew what s gyre is, thank you so much for explaining it so well. I find it really interesting how these gyre's can hold a lot of plastic and transport it really quickly all over the ocean. I would have never thought that the arctic has more of the plastic, because I feel like there are not a lot of people living their. I agree with you about how we could just throw it garbage when we see it. 

Rebecca Jin
Nov 15, 2017

Indeed! I think the major issue right now is to think about how to prevent future mass-production of plastics as well as a resolution to perhaps creating or inventing something that removes currently existing garbage in the ocean since the ocean is a cycle.

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