3b - Down the Drain

Nov 7, 2017 by Bavethra S and Riya S

It is hard to keep track of what goes down our drains every day because half of it we consciously pour down but the other half of the time we may not know the impact or residual components that go down the drain. I can say that there are large amounts of water going down the drain as we hand wash dishes or wash vegetables. The water that goes down the drain takes down soap with chemical components and food that further contaminate the water. The filtration system may take out physical and chemical impurities but it isn’t possible to fully cleanse the water. In order to reduce water usage, and in turn water contamination, we need to become more conscious on the scarcity of water. We have access to so much water that we do not fully feel the affects of water. Overall, we waste a tremendous amount of water with our daily activities and the more concerning is that the more the water gets contaminated, the harder and more impossible it is to clean.

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Nov 20, 2017

Interesting blog post! We really are unaware about the negative affects of this in our day to day lives. Has this caused you to do anything to help reduce waste water?

Rebecca Jin
Nov 12, 2017

After keeping a record of how many times I have used the sink in a day, the results were alarming and we certainly should be more conscious of our usage of resources. Especially water which cycles throughout the planet and we can never have more water than we do now or less water, it's sad the availability of clean water is decreasing.

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