3b. Down the drain

Nov 6, 2017 by cielo meza

In the morning

Nothing went on the sink, except water when they didn’t want any more.

Then for breakfast nothing went down the sink.

For the afternoon, Noodle Juice went down the sink, two times.

At the night, a little bit of milk, and juice went down the sink.

I also placed the corn water that we boiled with down the sink.

I estimated the amount of water but I did not have a proper way of measuring it, so I think that it was at least two bottles and a half of 26 oz.

In some ways I could reduce the use of wasting water is by re-using  the water, by cleaning it up and using a water filter- or boiling the water to clean it up.

I think that a lot of water goes down the drain, and people are sometimes caught up in themselves, and they waste water like nothing, without thinking of the people in other countries who barely have water.

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Rebecca Jin
Nov 12, 2017

Hi Cielo! I like how you paid such detailed attention to what went down your sink! You have just inspired me to do the same. Maybe we can investigate the contents of the things that went down the sink?

It would be great if you can feedback on my post!

Sarah Flynn
Nov 8, 2017

Nice observations! It is amazing how quickly waste water adds up, even when we don't seem to be pouring things down the drain all the time. That said, how do you think your waste water levels compare to other people (as seen in their blogs)? Do you think your home is already conserving water compared to others? How would your family feel about some of the conservation techniques you've described?

Happy posting!

cielo meza
Nov 20, 2017

Hi, I don't think we are conserving lots of water compared to other families. There are so many more families out there who are saving lots of water, but its the thought that counts. 

 My Family has the same belief of saving water, of course my siblings sometimes give themselves too much milk or juice so they end up wanting to throw it down the sink; so we make them drink it after to not waste. :)

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