1a: My Vision for a Sustainable Future

Environment   Oct 24, 2017 by Sahaj Kinshuk
  • A) What is your vision for a sustainable world?

My vision for a sustainable world is one in which sources of freshwater are treasured and protected, methods for conversion of saltwater to freshwater are widespread and easily available, and areas which have poor access to water have infrastructure for water to be brought, as well as other systems such as rainwater collection. Water wastage is drastically reduced as all water is filtered and techniques to preserve water in every aspect of life are employed by all. Issues such as over-fishing and species endangerment are nonexistent.

  • B) What are you planning to do to make this vision a reality?

In order for any large-scale change to be made, legislation by major developed countries must be enacted. However for these countries to make such changes, there must be considerable pressure from the people. Lastly, for these people to be compelled to pressure their government, universal education about the importance of water stewardship and sustainable practices must be available and promoted. It is commonly known that, in general, the more educated people are the more collectivist their views become, so those who are educated about the issues surrounding water would be much more likely to support it for the greater good of the community, and do it in an informed manner.

  • C) What impact has colonization had on our journey to a sustainable planet?

Colonization is the act of settling among, establishing control of, and exploiting the indigenous people of an area. Colonization has created a legacy which shaped the world, a legacy where people abuse resources and others in order to put themselves ahead. This attitude is prevalent in society, and causes a tendency away from protecting natural resources such as water as there is no immediate monetary gain. The selfish, negative attitudes brought on by colonization must be resolved for successful pursuit of a sustainable planet.

One of the aspects of water that I value is it’s recreational capability and simplistic beauty.

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Rebecca Jin
Nov 10, 2017

Hi Sahaj. This was the such a reflective post! I totally agree with you on "In order for any large-scale change to be made, legislation by major developed countries must be enacted". I think Paris Agreement is a great example of your statement, did you know Syria recently joined the Paris Agreement? (It would be great to see the US join one day since they are the only one who hasn't yet). Education is vital and we need to start from the younger generations too. How do you think we can perhaps change the attitude of people towards the environment? I know it's a big question but, it's something for all of us to think about since we are all so passionate to make a change! Which is also why we are here 

Love to see more posts from you Sahaj! 

Sahaj Kinshuk
Nov 16, 2017

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. I didn't know about Syria, that's really interesting! It's amazing how a country which is facing civil war is able to make commitments to the environment while the US still refuses to. I agree with your point about education, and I definitely think that's the way to get more attention towards the environment. I also think that most people don't understand their individual effect on the environment, and how much water goes into sustaining their lives. If people were more aware of exactly how much they are wasting and where they are wasting it, then I am certain their will take measures to stop. However this is under the assumption that they care about saving the environment, for people that don't care at all I am not sure what to do. Hopefully they are vastly outnumbered by those who do, or learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. How do you think we should help people start caring about the environment?

It's awesome that you're taking the initiative with commenting on other's blogs Rebecca!

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