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This space is a community for teachers and educators alike to find curriculum-linked resources to engage your students. Whether you've just participated in an Ocean Wise school program, or you're planning a self-directed visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, or you're just looking for some activities to help you lesson plan in the classroom, we've got stuff for you! 

Along the top left hand side, you'll find some folders for Lesson Plans, Education Kits, and our Ocean Literacy Courses.  Browse through to find something that works for you and your students! 

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Happy learning! 

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Introducing Aqua Colour!

Posted by Danika on July 22nd, 2020

Introducing Aqua Colour, a new ocean-themed colouring app is a collaboration between Tangible, Vancouver Mural Festival and Ocean Wise. Proceeds support Vancouver Aquarium!

Bring a little bit of the Vancouver Aquarium into your own home.

Find out more https://www.aquablog.ca/

Download the new #AquaColour ocean-themed colouring app today and help #SaveVancouverAquarium! Click the link to download on your device: http://onelink.to/u3caex

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