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Closing the Loop on Plastics Youth Dialogue

Posted by Danika on October 29th, 2020

Dear Educators, 

On behalf of Ocean Wise and Return It , we would like to invite to you and your school to help lead a collaboration of students ages 13-18, in the 2020 Closing the Loop on Plastics Youth Dialogue, focusing on Return It BC’s mandate to develop, manage and improve systems to recover used packaging and end-of-life products from consumers and ensure that they are properly recycled and not land-filled or incinerated. 

Plastic is everywhere in our oceans and it’s going to take a deep, transformational change in humanity’s consciousness and activities regarding the oceans to ensure healthy, sustainable life on this planet. The goal of this program is to empower youth to understand why zero waste strategies are important; discover what can be done to increase and protect ocean health; and through reviewing direct action taken by our governments in a combination of research, policies, regulation, conservation and partnership activities reflect on our community’s effort to take their recycling initiatives to the next level. Participating students will engage in projects and activities that create spaces and opportunities to reflect on how their communities can better engage in conservation and environmental change in their homes, schools, cities and regions.  

Each Provincial Lead school will be responsible for:  

Participation in focused collaboration (October-November) 

  • Completion of weekly online collaborative enrichment activities, including student-driven and locally-based awareness initiatives 
  • Participation in a school data collection survey on recycling in their community

Synthesize work into a Social Media Campaign (November- December) 

● Students throughout the Province will collaborate on a social media campaign strategy and assets that will be shared in on their school’s, Ocean Wise’ and Return It BC’s channels.   

We would be honoured to have you represent your school and local community, and the voice of the youth therein. The opportunity to impact change on a local and national basis can only be achieved through uniting the voice of young people based on knowledge and a desire for change.  

Find out  more at education.ocean.org/oceanaction

Looking to register? Contact [email protected]

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