d. Grade 6-8 Vortex: Exhibit Exploration


This lesson explores Vortex, a radical art installation by Douglas Coupland at the Vancouver Aquarium. Vortex is in an imaginative journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and immerses visitors in the ocean plastic pollution crisis. Coupland’s exhibit invites students to think about plastic in a relevant, contemplative and transformative way. Students will be asked to examine our past, present, and potential future relationships with this material, which is woven into the lives of the majority of people on the planet and has severe environmental impacts. Students will explore the exhibit and then engage with it through assuming the perspective of a character featured in it. They will expand their thinking through exploring, questioning, and sharing multiple perspectives.



Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

[1] communicate through different perspectives, developing empathy for the experiences of others

[2] examine human impacts facing the environment

[3] discuss their role in creating positive changes to protect ocean environments

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