c. Grade 6-7 Vortex: To Plastic or Not To Plastic


This lesson explores Vortex, a radical art installation by Douglas Coupland at the Vancouver Aquarium. Vortex is in an imaginative journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and immerses visitors in the ocean plastic pollution crisis. Coupland’s exhibit invites students to think about plastic in a relevant, contemplative and transformative way. In this lesson students will examine how plastic has impacted humans around the globe, and what consequences we are experiencing as a result (or have yet to experience).



Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

[1] Think critically about what plastic means, has meant, and will mean to humans

[2] Consider how plastic has influenced their own lives

[3] Determine what it means to be a global citizen (including the rights and responsibilities that come along with it)

[4] Challenge themselves and peers to increase their environmental stewardship

[5] Use creative writing as an outlet for concern for our environment and to write a story of cause and consequence

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