b. Grade 5-7 Vortex: Look and Find


This lesson explores Vortex, a radical art installation by Douglas Coupland at the Vancouver Aquarium. Vortex is in an imaginative journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and immerses visitors in the ocean plastic pollution crisis. Coupland’s exhibit invites students to think about plastic in a relevant, contemplative and transformative way. Students will have the opportunity to explore the gallery and search for items they have and haven’t seen before, discuss their reactions to the exhibit and their thoughts on improving the amount of plastic making its way to the ocean.



Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

[1] Understand the effects of plastic in the ocean and the importance of reducing our plastic use.

[2] Express their thoughts and reactions after exploring the exhibit.

[3] Give examples of ways we can help conserve our oceans.

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