a. Grade 4-7 Vortex: Plastic in the Ocean


This lesson explores Vortex, a radical art installation by Douglas Coupland at the Vancouver Aquarium. Vortex is in an imaginative journey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and immerses visitors in the ocean plastic pollution crisis. Coupland’s exhibit invites students to think about plastic in a relevant, contemplative and transformative way. In this lesson students will look at various plastic objects found in the exhibit and consider the level of necessity of the items, as well as possible non-plastic alternatives. As an extension activity, they will consider more deeply the impact that plastic objects have on marine animals.



Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

[1] consider and discuss the necessity of plastic use

[2] come up with alternatives to certain plastic items

[3] think about explain how garbage in the ocean affects marine life

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