f. #BePlasticWise "Clean a Shoreline"


Clean a Shoreline

The Problem: Wander most shorelines in Canada and you'll spot single-use plastic litter that threatens aquatic life. It's not just plastic bottles - all sorts of items end up in our ocean and on our shores.


The Challenge: We've partnered with the Port of Vancouver to encourage you to #BePlasticWise by participating in shoreline cleanup.

 Next time you go to the beach, river or local creek, grab some friends and join Canada's longest-running volunteer-powered conservation movement. Bring a (non-plastic) bag or a bucket and with some sturdy gloves, pick up all the garbage you see, within a hour.

Visit the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup webpage to get involved in a local community cleanup near you.

 Take a picture of your class and/or coworkers as you embark on your Plastic Wise challenges! Post that picture of you and your students/coworkers cleaning up a shoreline on our blog, discussion board, or gallery. Be sure to use the hashtag: #BePlasticWise.

Learning Objectives

Discussion questions for your class as you take on the #BePlasticWise challenge:

1) What do you think is the most common garbage item found during shore cleanups?

2) What is the benefit to having clean shores?

3) Which shore is closest to wear you live? How clean is it?

Mid- challenge/After the Challenge:

4) Was/is this as difficult as you thought it would be? Why or why not?

5) What was/is your experience of completing this challenge?

6) What was the weirdest item you found during your shoreline cleanup?

Resources to use:

How to Host a Shoreline Cleanup

Weirdest Beach Finds

Clean a Shoreline

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