c. #BePlasticWise "Quench Your Thirst"


Quench Your Thirst

The Problem:  Around the world, one million water bottles are sold every minute. Fewer than half of these are recycled – and a large proportion of plastic bottles end up in landfill or the ocean.   If stacked end to end, the number of plastic bottles removed from global shorelines in the last year alone was equal to 372 times the height of the world’s tallest building.   In 2017, more than 50,000 plastic bottles were removed from Canada’s shorelines by Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup volunteers.


The Challenge: This month, pledge to #BePlasticWise by using a reusable drink container wherever you go.

Think ahead and go prepared. For instance, carry a reusable water bottle or cup in your purse or backpack on your next outing to a movie, concert or meeting up with friends.

 Kick your single use plastic habit. Skip the plastic cup and straw by making your favourite beverage-to-go in a reusable container.  Mason jars make durable and fun drink containers, and they come in all sizes!  Give your own water-to-go an added twist with lime or cucumber slices, fresh herbs, or berries. Store your water bottle in the fridge, so it’s chilled and ready to go. Running dry? Plan your route and make sure to refill your reusable water bottle when you’re near a tap. Most self-serve soda fountains provide free water – so make sure to ask!

If you are running a business, supply your employees with a company reusable water-bottle, so they always have a container to fill.  Phase out single use plastic beverage containers at business meetings. Request or use water jugs and glasses instead of single use bottles.  If you’re a food service business, consider offering a per cup discount or a reward card for those customers who bring their own reusable drink cups.

Take a picture of your class and/or coworkers as you embark on your Plastic Wise challenges! Post that picture of you and your students/coworkers  using reusable drinking containers on our blog, discussion board, or gallery. Be sure to use the hashtag: #BePlasticWise.

Learning Objectives

Discussion questions for your class as you take on the #BePlasticWise challenge:

1) What are the hazards of single-use plastic water bottles?

2) What's the most difficult part of using a reusable water bottle?

3) Other than a drinking vessel, what else can single-use water bottles be used for?

Mid- challenge/After the Challenge:

4) Was/is this as difficult as you thought it would be? Why or why not?

5) What was/is your experience of completing this challenge?

6) Other than water, what other single-use plastic drinking vessels can you think of?

Resources to Use:

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