d. #BePlasticWise "Get Outside and Play"


Get Outside and Play

The problem:
Plastic drink cups, straws and other single use items are a big part of outdoor fun. But a shocking 80% of plastic in our ocean comes from the land. Once in the ocean, plastics never go away. It breaks into increasingly tinier pieces creating a sea of mircroplastics that have been found in the far reaches of Arctic sea ice and the most pristine ecological sites in our ocean.

For this challenge we’ve partnered with Mountain Equipment Co-op to #BePlasticWise when enjoying the outdoors this summer.


The Challenge:
Pledge to pick up any litter you see while enjoying the outdoors. One way to do this is “plogging”  - which is picking up litter while jogging. This can be done as a individual exercise, or as a group or company challenge! This month’s challenge partner Mountain Equipment Co-op has been organizing plogging events across the country – join one today! 

Reduce your single use plastic when you go outside and play. Make your own outdoor snacks with no plastic wrapping for those outdoor adventures. Also, if you are planning on being on the water, tie a reusable bag and gloves to your kayak or dinghy to clean up litter as you go or plog the shoreline. On your next camping trip, remember to pack out more than you pack in (always leave a campsite cleaner than you found it).  If you can, get the whole campsite into it by challenging them to a friendly plogging competition.

Take a picture of your class and/or coworkers as you embark on your Plastic Wise challenges! Post that picture of you and your students/coworkers plogging on our blog, discussion board, or gallery. Be sure to use the hashtag: #BePlasticWise.

Learning Objectives

Discussion questions for your class as you take on the #BePlasticWise challenge:

1) Do you pick up litter when you see it, even if it’s not your litter? Why or why not?

2) How do you think garbage on the land ends up in the ocean?

3) Who should be responsible for cleaning up litter?

Mid- challenge/After the Challenge:

4) Was/is this as difficult as you thought it would be? Why or why not?

5) What was/is your experience of completing this challenge?

6) What was the most interesting litter you found? Why do you think it was not disposed of properly?

Resources to use:

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