a. #BePlasticWise "Coffee Break"


Coffee Break 

The Problem:
Many paper take-out coffee cups are lined with plastic. This is so the liquid does not leak through the cups. They’re usually tossed in the garbage rather than recycled. It’s the same with plastic lids.


The Challenge:
Pledge to take your reusable coffee mug or thermos wherever you get your morning beverage or pick-me-up. If you forget, refuse the take-out cup and ask your barista for a reusable mug. If a to-go cup is your only option, refuse the plastic lid.

If your beverage of choice is a frapuccino, smoothie, or iced drink, opt for or invest in a reusable cold cup! They usually come with reusable straws so you can decrease your plastic usage even more! If you forget your reusable cold cup, ask your barista for one. If a to-go cup is your only option refuse the plastic lid and plastic straw.
Take a picture of your class and/or coworkers as you embark on your Plastic Wise challenges! Post that picture of you and your students/coworkers using your reusable mugs on our blog, discussion board, or gallery. Be sure to use the hashtag: #BePlasticWise.

Learning Objectives

Discussion questions for your class as you take on the #BePlasticWise challenge:

1) Do you foresee any difficulties going about this challenge? Why or Why not?

2) Were you aware of the issues regarding disposable coffee cups before doing this challenge?

3) Do you think that individually we can make a difference in our environment? Do you think that collectively we can make a difference? Why or why not?

4) How do our actions (positively or negatively) impact the environment?

Mid- challenge/After the Challenge:

5) Was/is this as difficult as you thought it would be? Why or why not?

6) What was/is your experience of completing this challenge?

Resources to use:

#BePlasticWise Challenge:

How plastic ends up in our oceans:

what are microplastics:

For more resources, check out this #PlasticWise Resource page.

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