2. February Lesson Plan: 4 to 7



Give your students the exciting challenge of creating a comic strip. Visit the Treasures of BC Gallery, where each habitat represents a real ecosystem off of the BC coast. There are many abiotic and biotic factors which must work together in order to create a healthy, working ecosystem.

Before the start have a brief discussion of the what animals need to survive, and the challenges they face everyday (both natural and human derived)



Students will create a comic strip that shows the survival story of an animal of ecosystem that answers the following questions

  1. How do they get all the things they need to survive?
  2. What kinds of hazards or challenges do they face?
  3. Who do they live with?
  4. How do they interact with each other?
  5. How do they overcome their challenges?

Share the student's completed comic strips in the Gallery

Learning Objectives

Students will gain an understand of;

  • What animals needs to stay alive, and how they acquire these needs
  • What hazards and challenges do animals face everyday both natural and un-natural
  • How animals overcome these challenges
  • How different animals interact with one another

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