Spring at the Vancouver Aquarium: Water Babies!

Posted by Danika on March 5th, 2020


Water Babies celebrates all things babies at the Vancouver Aquarium,

while providing some (rather cheeky) aquatic animal inspired Parenting 101 tips

Vancouver, Canada (March 04, 2020): Kicking off in time for Spring Break, the new exhibit Water Babies: Parenting 101 at the Vancouver Aquarium is bound to be a memorable one. This new feature, launching March 13, 2020, will highlight all things babies at the aquarium, while offering tongue-in-cheek Parenting 101 tips inspired by aquatic life. Tired of hearing parenting tips thrown your way? This exhibit will provide a fresh new approach with these amusing words of advice!

“Secure your baby while you look for food”; “Piggyback babies to the pool”; and “Grow babies in your limbs” are just a taste of the playful tips for raising water babies that will greet visitors at the Vancouver Aquarium this Spring. Each tip correlates to the parenting tactics of an ocean creature. Let’s take a note from the natural world, shall we?

· Learn why securing your baby while looking for food is a tip from the Sea Otter family at the Vancouver Aquarium. Fun fact: Sea Otters wrap their babies in seaweed or kelp to prevent them from floating away, while the adults hunt for food.

· Discover the co-parenting approach of the phantasmal poison frog. The eggs are laid by the female, then picked up by the male, put on his back and taken to a pool where they can safely grow.

· Find out how the parenting tip “grow babies in your limbs” applies to a certain species of jellyfish that grow their babies on their tentacles, until they hatch and swim away.

Water Babies adds humour to your visit, while also highlighting the conservation work going on behind-the-scenes at the Vancouver Aquarium, an initiative of the Ocean Wise Conservation Association. The Propagation Programs at the Vancouver Aquarium work to fulfill education, research and conservation goals of Ocean Wise. Researchers and biologists document the best conditions for raising species, they outline the physical development of animals that have never previously been detailed by scientists and help endangered species by raising and releasing animals into their natural habitat.

Understanding how water babies develop can better equip humans to protect these species and their natural environments. Maybe don’t take these tips too seriously, and avoid wrapping your baby in kelp just yet…

Water Babies: Parenting 101 will be launching on March 13, 2020. Find more details on the exhibit here.

About the Vancouver Aquarium

Since opening in 1956, the Vancouver Aquarium has connected more than 40 million people from around the world to our oceans and inspired them to take action to address key threats. Located in Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium is home to thousands of incredible ocean species. It’s also Ocean Wise headquarters, where our scientists, educators and conservation experts do much of their work. Nearby, our Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, the only one of its kind in Canada, rescues, rehabilitates and releases more than 150 animals each year.

About Ocean Wise® Conservation Association

Ocean Wise Conservation Association is a not-for-profit global conservation organization on a mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Born out of the Vancouver Aquarium’s 60-year commitment to marine ecosystems, Ocean Wise is focused on empowering action through conservation, education and research. Ocean Wise’s many initiatives include the Vancouver Aquarium, Marine Mammal Rescue Program, The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, Ocean Wise Seafood Program, Ocean Wise Education, Marine Mammal Research Program, and The Plastics Lab. Ocean Wise is headquartered at the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Our vision is a world in which oceans are healthy and flourishing. Learn more at

The Canadian Ocean Literacy Survey is live! Every voice matters!

Posted by Danika on October 11th, 2019

The Canadian Ocean Literacy Survey is live! How do you think we improve #OceanLiteracy in Canada? #COLSurvey #UNSDGs

Celebrate World Teacher's Day - Visit us on Oct 5 to receive a 50% discount for teachers

Posted by Danika on September 27th, 2019

World Teacher's Day

When: October 5, 2019  Time:  10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Location: The Vancouver Aquarium 

Saturday, October 5, 2019 in honour of World Teacher's Day, the Vancouver Aquarium is offering:  

  • 50% discount for teachers and 3 guests 
  • Wet Lab Open House 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

No need to pre-book! Tickets can be purchased on-site at admissions on October 5, 2019. 

Offer valid on October 5, 2019 only, to teachers with a valid teachers certification card or district staff ID. A limit of three guests per teacher, adults or children, may receive the discount. Not valid with any other offer. No cash value. Offer not available online or at self-serve kiosk.

Protect Coral Reefs: Free Design Activity and Projects We Love Winner

Posted by Rachael B-I on September 18th, 2019

In honour of Science Literacy Week we are happy to announce the 2019 ocean-themed Actua Projects We Love winner: 

The winner lesson plan is Protecting Coral Reefs and Cleaning the Ocean, created by University of Ottawa Engineering Outreach! 

During this activity, participants will learn about coral reefs and why plastic pollutants are damaging their ecosystems. Working in small groups or in pairs, the participants will build a game to simulate cleaning the oceans from plastic debris. The goal is to remove the “pollutants” without perturbing the fauna and flora living in the ocean, especially the coral reefs. They will use a Makey Makey and the program Scratch to build and play the game.

This activity is open for all teachers and educators to utilize in the classroom. To view the full activity, click the link below!

Welcome to Self Directed Visits

Posted by Rachael B-I on March 19th, 2019

Self Directed visits are an excellent way to get your students engaged in marine life, with the flexibility to customize your day in a way that works best for you. The Vancouver Aquarium is home to over 5,000 animals of over 750 different species. There are endless ways to imagine your day.

This page is a asset for you to use throughout your Self Directed Visit. Here you will find resources for planning your visit, activities for your students, as well as follow up activities for your class. Students can apply what they learned during their visit by contributing to the Blogs, Discussion Boards, or Gallery.

As a non-profit conservation association, Ocean Wise has a mission to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans. Through self directed visits you can create a one of a kind experience for your students, be it in topics about biology, ecology, community, business, visual arts, social studies, geography, english... the list goes on.

Come and explore with your students. Who know what you might find!

To book a Self Directed Visit to the Aquarium please email [email protected]

Straw Cops

Posted by Danika on February 22nd, 2019

The Aquarium of the Pacific released a video today of a buddy cop movie parody starring Seymour Shark and Captain Quinn, two of the Aquarium’s beloved Pacific Pals characters. Straw Cops follows our heroes as they track down a gang of nefarious plastic bootleggers trying to spread single-use straws and environmental devastation. Fortunately, Seymour and Captain Quinn are able to reform the plastic purveyors and help the public choose better alternatives along the way. Straw Cops was written, filmed, and edited entirely in-house by the Aquarium’s education department staff.

Find out more





Weddell Sea Expedition

Posted by Danika on January 24th, 2019

 Join the Weddell Sea Expedition! This pioneering Antarctic expedition has been underway since the beginning of January and sending us updates all the way from the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. Visit the Weddell Sea Expedition’s Journey Page to explore what we have learned so far and see video conferences with members of the expedition team and crew. If this sparks your interest, find out more at and email [email protected] to sign up to virtually join over 200 classrooms across the world who are participating in this exciting expedition!

#BePlasticWise - take the Pledge today

Posted by Danika on March 20th, 2018

The Plastic Wise Challenge

#BePlasticWise provides students and teachers a chance to be part of Ocean Wise's new plastic wise campaign. We are asking you to bring the pledge into your classrooms and learn how plastic is affecting our environment and how that affects us as a society. Lets start the discussion about why we need to take steps to decrease our plastic usage in our everyday life and how we can achieve these goals together. This challenge gets students to reflect on their plastic usage to see how making small changes in their everyday life can make a big impact in their community!

Join today: