4b Nov 5 - Beach ID Guide - Nature Vancouver Stanley Park ID Guide


Take a visit to a local beach and explore the creatures that live within the intertidal there. You can use this great ID guide from Nature Vancouver which focuses on animals you may find on Stanley Park beaches!

Make sure to follow proper beach etiquette including:

  • Tread lightly (watch your step!)
  • If you move habitat place it back gently. (Lift up a rock or seaweed to take a look underneath? Place that home back gently for our critter friends!)
  • Don't move anyone from their home. If you see a cool critter you want to show others, bring them back to the spot so that critters don't end up moving to someone else's home)
  • Keep our shores clean! (Don't litter while you are there, and even pick up a few safe pieces of trash safely if you can!)

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