2c Oct 22 - Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Key


Take a look at some of the aquatic macroinvertebrates you may find in ponds or streams near your home.


If you would like to do your own biodiversity survey of a body of water near you make sure to:

  • Get approval from your local jurisdiction.
  • Tread lightly! Be careful of your footprints impact on the ecosystem and stream bed.
  • Leave things as you found them. If you lift up a rock or stick, make sure you put it right back after looking.
  • Return critters ASAP! Once your survey is done, make sure to return the macroinvertebrates to where you found them so they can complete their life cycle.
  • Be gentle! When moving critters be very careful, you are a giant! Using a small paintbrush to move them gently works great.

Stream surveys can be important to determining the health of bodies of water through looking for indicator species. Indicator species can signify if the water is cleaner or in better condition if less tolerant species are found.

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