5a Nov 12 - Exploring Community Science


Participate in and explore a community science initiative either online or outside.



  1. Find a computer or tablet to use for connecting to community science projects.
  2. Decide which topic or living thing you would like to focus on. And choose a corresponding community science initiative.
  3. You can find a list of community science projects here.


  1. Spend at least 20 minutes contributing to science through your participation in data collection!
  2. Write down any cool findings or observations you encounter. Explore community science opportunities posted in resources here.
  3. Share your experience and connection with real science through a blog post, including any writing, drawing, poetry, etc. you feel compelled to use. Please title your post ‘Name – Community Science – Your title’. Please address the following questions in your post.
    1. Please include if/how this community science helps you feel connected to nature.
    2. What patterns/behaviours did your data show?
    3. What were the most common types of animal/life you discovered?
    4. Does this make you interested in a career in science or research?

Optional Extension:

  • Explore more community science opportunities and think about which parts you enjoy the most.
  • Research other community science projects related to your favourite living thing.
  • Research in person community science projects near you that you could get involved in!

    Learning Objectives

    • Build identification skills.
    • Recognize ways to aid in scientific discoveries through community science.
    • Record your thoughts and findings.

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