3 Oct 29 - Sustainable Meal Plan


Build awareness of where your food travels from, the energy required and how you can help your household make more sustainable choices.


Sustainable: causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to  continue for a long time. (Cambridge Dictionary)



  • Locate the seasonal produce and seafood charts attached to this activity page.
  • Print the Meal plan worksheet.
  • Find some of your favourite foods around the house (or at the grocery store) and record on a sheet of paper where the food is from.


  1. Watch Nat. Geo. Kids sustainable food video.
  2. Identify which of your favourite food items are more local, so haven’t travelled as far to get to your home. For this activity we will look at if they are from Canada and if they are from your province.
  3. Brainstorm some of your favourite meals and make a list of main ingredients for each.
  4. Which recipes use less local ingredients? Are there more local ingredients you could use instead? Are there other recipes that use more local ingredients that you could choose?
  5. Consult the seasonal produce and seafood charts to help you choose your ingredients and recipes.
  6. Create your meal plan on the worksheet based off the meals and ingredients that have a smaller effect on the planet.
  7. Post your meal plan in a blog post! (Title your post 'Name - Sustainable Meal Plan')
  8. Help your family grocery shop, cook and eat your more sustainable planned meals!


  1. Which part of planning the meals was the hardest for you? Easiest?
  2. Share your meal plan and any cooking you do on the online calendar!
  3. Explore others meal plans for other sustainable meal ideas!

Optional Extension:

Try meal planning all your lunches and snacks for a week. Create a fun calendar to share it!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify where food comes from.
  • Explore more sustainable produce and seafood choices.
  • Create a meal plan.

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