2a Oct 22 - Observation & Cleanup Walk


Build awareness of human impacts on nature in your community through a litter cleanup and nature walk.



  • Download the Litterati app and make yourself familiar with the app’s functions.
  • Collect materials: phone/tablet, Litteroti app (or data card), gloves, garbage bag/bucket.
    • If not using the Litterati app, record litter found on a shoreline cleanup form. (If not using Litterati app. print out a GCSC litter data card found under community resources or in this activities resources)


  1. Pick a location for your cleanup walk. Think about spending 20+ minutes observing and cleaning up litter.
  2. Explore your community’s impact on the nature around you while you walk.
  3. Keep an eye out for pieces of “safe” litter as you walk.
  4. Record litter in Litterati app or data card and collect in your bag/bucket.
  5. Once home, dispose of litter safely into the appropriate bins.


  1. Reflect on your observations and clean up records. Express what you learned/felt in writing, haiku, or art.
  2. Post your findings/reflection as a blog post and explore others’ connections (title your post 'name - Observation & Cleanup Walk').

Optional Extension:

  • Explore the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup website and see if there are any cleanups hosted near you soon! Or think about planning your own cleanup to do with friends/family!
    • https://www.shorelinecleanup.ca/

      Learning Objectives

      • Perform a litter cleanup and record in Litterati.
      • Observe human impacts in your home community.
      • Share/express personal connection/impacts on nature.

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