1b Oct 15 - ID & Observation Walk


Practice noticing the small things/details of nature creating connections to the nature around you.



  • Download the Seek app and make yourself familiar with the app’s functions.
  • Choose a location to walk and observe. You could look at small living things and not wander far or look at larger and travel farther.
  • Gather materials: phone/tablet, Seek app, paper & pencil, magnifying glass (opt.)


  1. Pick a location for your observation walk. Think about spending 20+ minutes observing and recording what life you see around you. Look under logs, leaves, rocks, in grass etc.
  2. Record and enter your observations into the app (or record on paper/journal, making sure to include details and descriptions).


  1. Review and reflect on your observations and identifications.
  2. Express how you felt connected from the nature you discovered.
  3. Post your reflection and/or art as a blog post and explore others’ connections (please title your post 'name - ID Walk'.

Learning Objectives

  • Practice observation skills
  • Use Seek app as a community science tool to record and identify nature.
  • Share/express personal connection/impacts on nature.

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