Yihsien Chiu

Taiwan Taipei, T'ai-pei, Taiwan
  • Languages : Chinese (T), English, Taiwanese Sign Language
  • Last Login : Jun 6, 2020

About Me

Born and raised in a small fishing village in south Taiwan, fisheries fully filled with my siblings and mother every time. Life in the village was no different – our physical and economic well-being always felt precarious, but this experience instilled deep within me a mission for my life – to put myself in a position where I could make a real difference to help a population most people never give a second thought to, namely those that belong to fishing communities. Everything I have done in my life, and everything I plan on doing for the remainder of it, is to work to fulfill this purpose.
As I rise in the ranks within my organization, Taiwan Fisheries Agency, I will be able to responsibility for addressing fisheries related issues, while always never forgetting where I came from and why I wake up every morning. If we're on the same page with fisheries issues, keep in touch, my e-mail : [email protected]

  • My Interests
    Environment, Sustainable Development

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