OL-Rosa Rodríguez

Spain Calviá, Islas Baleares, Spain
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  • Last Login : Jun 8, 2020

About Me

Being passionate about science and the ocean, I am very fortunate to live in Mallorca, a wonderful island in the Mediterranean Sea, and to work at SOCIB (Balearic Islands Coastal Observation and Forecasting System). I coordinate the SOCIB Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Communication and Ocean Literacy Service. We work intensively to promote Ocean Literacy and to disseminate the activity of ocean observatories, which facilitate our understanding of the ocean and the sustainable management of marine and coastal resources by providing knowledge, data and products. We program outreach events and design resources addressed to all audiences. Close contact with the education community allows us to promote scientific vocations in the marine sciences and the daily work of oceanographers, providing educational and training materials to introduce the ocean in the classroom as an educational resource. In short, we collaborate with all the agents involved (Research Institutes, Media, families, schools, cultural entities, ONG's, etc.) to make them aware that science and ocean observatories are the great allies to know, preserve and manage our oceans for sustainable development.
“SOCIB: Researching the ocean, sharing the future”

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