Ocean can mean different things. It can inspire, fascinate, frighten, and intrigue. For our community, the ocean is also a daily work. EuroGOOS brings together European oceanographic institutes, met offices, hydrographic agencies, and foundations. These organizations help to predict the weather, plan maritime activities, view real time changes in the ocean conditions, or study our climate. EuroGOOS members also engage with citizens in their communities, countries, and regions, on the importance of the ocean and ocean research. We conducted a survey of national Ocean Literacy activities in Europe and have seen their incredible diversity, from programmes, to festivals and competitions, school workshops, books, films, artworks, and games… Topics range from biodiversity, to pollution, environmental management, blue economy, climate, technologies, or promotion of gender balance and diversity. Discover the first wave of our OL publications and watch this space for more! http://eurogoos.eu/ocean-literacy-resources/

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Great resources to address Ocean Literacy in the Classroom