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Streamed live on Feb 10, 2015 The world’s smallest and most endangered porpoise, the Vaquita, has gone from scientific discovery to the brink of extinction in less than a century. Join the Vancouver Aquarium and Dr. Anna Hall for a presentation about one of the world's most critically endangered mammals. Extinction of the vaquita is preventable but we must act now. Anna Hall received her PhD from the Marine Mammal Research Unit at the University of British Columbia in 2011, for investigations into the biophysical relationships between harbour porpoise behaviour and habitat selection, with local oceanography and lunar events. Dr. Hall has spent 20 years researching the harbour porpoise of British Columbia and has also worked on seasonal abundance, diet, behaviour and incidental catch. She has also participated in a variety of marine mammal studies in British Columbia, Alaska, Washington and Mexico – including being on the most recent expedition to find the highly endangered Vaquita. #SaveTheVaquita

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