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Streamed live on Sep 14, 2015 As expected, the topic of radiation leaking into the Pacific Ocean and threatening marine life and public safety is receiving a lot of attention. Our intent with this lecture was to bring forth the most up to date information from American and Canadian scientists that are involved in measuring the levels of radiation so the public can be more informed. The information collected, analyzed and shared by our speakers was done scientifically. Dr. Ken Buesseler is a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, which is an independent non-profit research and education institute. You can read about their program at Our Radioactive Ocean and WHOI. Dr. Jay Cullen is a scientist at the University of Victoria and a scientist for Marine Observation Prediction and Response Network. MEOPAR is funded by the Government of Canada and more information about their organization is available on the MEOPAR website. Levels of Fukushima cesium off the west coast of North America were measured independently by WHOI, Canada Fisheries and Kelp Watch 2015. They all agree on levels of cesium isotopes in waters along the coast and offshore.

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