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Using Science to Save Our Oceans | Science Literacy Week Celebration

Sep 20, 2018  19:00

Location:  Vancouver Aquarium
Cost:  FREE

The Many Ways Ocean Wise Uses and Advances Science

It’s Science Literacy Week, so we are taking the opportunity to celebrate the diverse and amazing ways that Ocean Wise use science to help protect our oceans and the research it does to advance frontiers of ocean and conservation research.

Learn what is it is like to study whales in the Salish Sea, how you can help endangered species along the BC coast and why school children in rural Canada get so excited when Ocean Wise's mobile aquarium comes to town!

There will be food, a free drink for each guest and a cash bar.  Make sure to register as space is limited!


Event Details

Price: Free, but register here to guarantee your seat.  
Accessibility: This event will be ASL signed and is wheel-chair accessible
Location: The Vancouver Aquarium

The Talks!

(There will be five talks. Each talk will be around 15 minutes long.)

Inuit Youth Bridging Research and Their Communities in a Changing Arctic | Eric Solomon

Eric Solomon is Director of Arctic Programs at Ocean Wise. He has dedicated much of the last decade toward working with Arctic Indigenous communities and scientific researchers to facilitate co-creation of research that addresses issues of local concern. A Laureate of the Arctic Inspiration Prize, Eric was a co-creator and oversees the operation of Ikaarvik: Barriers to Bridges, a program that works with northern Indigenous youth to be the bridge between scientific research and Arctic communities.

Whale Conservation in Action | Brittany Visona

Brittany Visona is a researcher in Ocean Wise’s Marine Mammal Research Program. She as a masters in Applied Marine and Fisheries Ecology. She has worked as a fisheries scientist on a Scottish government vessel, worked as a whale watching naturalist for over four years, and was a fisheries observer certified by the Canadian Government.

How to Conduct Research on Ocean Microplastics in 4 Easy Steps | Stephen Chastain

Stephen Chastain is a researcher with Ocean Wise's Ocean Pollution Research Program. He works primarily on analytical techniques for studying microplastics in ocean water and microscopy techniques for identifying plastic particles that can be as small as human blood cells. He has also studied prehistoric archaeology and coastal wetlands management.

From Science to Science Communication | Ruth Sharpe

Ruth is the manager of Community Education at Ocean Wise. She earned her PhD in Zoology from the University of British Columbia in August 2017 and is a passionate science communicator.

Taking the Aquarium to the People | Catriona Wilson

Catriona Wilson is the manager of Mobile Programs at Ocean Wise. Mobile Programs is the traveling education program of Ocean Wise®. It brings ocean education to schools, youth groups, and communities coast to coast via the AquaVan! To date the AquaVan has engaged over 625,000 students, youth and community members.

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