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Humans, Rising Sea Levels and the Fraser River Estuary | July Ocean Matters Lecture
Event Date: 24th July, 2018

Sep 6, 2018 by Education Promotion Volunteer

About the Event

What is happening to Fraser River Estuary under threats from climate change and human activities? 

BC’s Fraser River Estuary is under immense threats from both climate change and human activities. This wetland is a biodiversity hotspot that is vital habitat for a large number of plants and animals, including millions of migrating Pacific salmon and shorebirds.

Since 1827, human activities have caused the disappearance and degradation of these important fish and wildlife habitats. This continues today, with even more development, pollution, industrial activities and spread of invasive species. However, in the 21st century sea-level rise is likely to pose an even greater danger, unless we do something to protect this incredible ecosystem.

In this talk, Eric Balke told us about his work protecting the Fraser River Estuary, and his research into ways we can protect it against both present and future threats.

About Eric

Eric Balke is the Coordinator of the South Coast Conservation Land Management Program (SCCLMP). He manages a portfolio of conservation lands as part of a partnership with the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, Ducks Unlimited Canada, The Nature Trust of British Columbia, and the Canadian Wildlife Service/Environment and Climate Change Canada. The goal of this program is to use a collaborative approach to maximize the values and utility of these lands for the conservation of fish and wildlife habitat, including species and ecosystems at risk. 

Eric completed his BSc in Biology at UBC and recently graduated from the BCIT|SFU Ecological Restoration MSc program.


Video of the Lecture


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