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The Truth About Everyday Plastics | Ocean Matters June Lecture
Event Date: 22th June, 2018

Jul 8, 2018 by Education Promotion Volunteer

About the Event

What happens to your fleece jacket in the laundry and that plastic bottle when it is empty? 

Stephen Chastain, an Ocean Wise scientist, looked at four everyday household items. He examined why and how our use and disposal of these items was damaging the environment and how this related to large-scale global issues.

He discussed how he explored the world of microplastics under the microscope and the research that Ocean Wise was doing to learn about the processes that were causing these problems. This research is helping us all to do something, whether it is small changes in our daily routine or ways in which we redesign our approach to plastics as a society.

About Stephen

Stephen is a graduate of the school of Resource and Environmental Management in SFU. He began working as a co-op lab technician with Ocean Wise's Ocean Pollution Research Program in January 2017 and continues to work there since his graduation. He works primarily on analytical techniques for studying microplastics in ocean water and microscopy techniques for identifying plastic particles that can be as small as human blood cells. He has also studied prehistoric archaeology and coastal wetlands management.


Video of the Lecture


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