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The Strange Case of the Singing Toadfish and its Bizarre Mating Behaviour | Ocean Matters May Lecture
Event Date: 22th May 2018

Jun 6, 2018 by Education Promotion Volunteer

About the Event

This lecture introduced Plainfin Midshipman Fish and its role in helping us understand more of the evolution.

There is so much to learn about Plainfin Midshipman Fish. This strange and wonderful singing toadfish that can be found on beaches right here in British Columbia! These fish have many bizarre and wonderful courtship behaviours. They also have an unusual parental care system where the males are the sole protectors of the young. If this is not interesting enough, these fish also have light emitting cells on their body that they use to hunt prey! For more information about the Plainfin Midshipman click here!

Dr. Sigal Balshine, a professor from McMaster University, has been studying these fish and their strange behaviour for over 10 years! In this lecture, she revealed little-known facts about these incredible fish and how they are helping biologists understand the evolution of mating behaviours of all animals!

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