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Anecdotal Evidence: Stories About Science
Event Date: 9th Nov 2017

May 21, 2018 by Education Promotion Volunteer

About the Event

Sharing science stories in real lives.

Ever wondered what twists and turns in a person’s life ultimately lead to a passionate career as a scientist? Or what stories lie behind the data? Or how non-scientists experience science?

Anecdotal Evidence is a live storytelling series where people share stories of how they experience science in their lives. At this event in partnership with Anecdotal Evidence, there were human stories around the very broad theme of science. Stories of failure, fieldwork, love, death, cosmic loneliness and more. The stories were filled with humor, humanity, and sometimes even science. 

If you missed our last Anecdotal Evidence event, watch out for future chances to come to the Vancouver Aquarium to hear stories from real life Marine Scientists!


A competition for the best marine-based pun!

Arron Purdy, a researcher at Ocean Wise and UBC telling us about working with the aquarium's Steller sea lions on research in the open ocean

The audience enjoying the stories

Guests looking at the seals at the interval

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