Ocean Exploration


Humans have had a deep connection to the ocean since time immemorial. From the indigenous peoples throughout the nations, to the technological advances of modern sea travel, everyone has a stake in the health and care of the ocean.

Explore the Human Ocean Connection interaction map, and complete the task associated.


Apply What You Know. After you have explored the Human Ocean Exploration Story Map, complete the following:

1. Use Traditional Ecological Knowledge to assess where you could gather the necessities to survive in your area. Find a place close to a water source, where you will make your camp. How will you use these resources? What is the waterway closest to you? Is it an ocean, a lake, a river, or a stream?

2. Create a map of this area without using technology. You have no pencils or paper. You may only use things that the earth can provide to you. This is often called a stick map. Take a photo of your stick map, and the area you are mapping, to include in a blog. Marking a special place on your stick map, challenge your friends to try to understand your stick map to find the specially marked location you have selected. It is not as easy as you may think.

3. Now, compare the traditional navigational practices to modern methods. Using what you have learned in this story, and explore how a modern vessel navigates the globe, compared to the traditional marine vessels

4. In a blog, include a brief analysis of the following, for each of the tasks:

a. explain your initial impression and knowledge about the task,

b. detail the challenges that you discovered

c. explain how you overcame these challenges

d. discuss your own results and the conclusion you drew from the activity

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