Light It Up!


Did you know that an estimated 90% of sea creatures living in the open ocean can create their own light? Living organisms that can create and emit visible light are called bioluminescent. Examples of marine life that can produce their own light are fish, sharks, jellyfish, algae, octopuses, and squid. The light they produce is the result of a chemical reaction. This light can be used for communication, attracting prey, camouflage and escaping from predators.

Bioluminescent creatures can be difficult to observe and do research on, so scientists don't know too much about how they use their light. However, this fascinating topic continues to be explored today.


Brainstorm some ways which bioluminescence could help humans with our survival.

In a blog, design a product, equipment or explain an idea of how humans could use bioluminescence to improve our way of life or survival. It could be something that makes humans safer when working dangerous jobs, or a more planet-friendly product to replace something less environmentally friendly. The creation is up to you!

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Learning Objectives

To introduce the concept of biomimicry - humans imitating nature to make products

To understand how humans can learn from the environment and work with nature to help the planet

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