Final Written Assignment


In this course we have covered seven vital principles to reach an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean. This assignment is the opportunity to demonstrate that understanding.


Choose one of the following topics and write a 500 words short essay:

1. Choose a geopolitical issue regarding the oceans, such as borders, legislation or research. Discuss what the challenges are within this issue, what affect it has on the ocean, and potential solutions to resolve or manage the issue.

2. The St. Lawrence river runs through Eastern Canada, across the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick before connected to the Atlantic ocean. Discuss how you are connected to this river. You may discuss all aspects of this ecosystem, such as the abiotic properties, the animals and the plants that live there.

3. Choose an animal and discuss how one action in your daily life impacts that animal.

You may submit the final draft of your short essay in the Writing section

Learning Objectives

To demonstrate the student's understanding of one or more of the ocean literacy principles.

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