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The ocean is the greatest resource on the planet, both in grandeur and in necessity. The systems within the ocean support all life on planet by supporting our everyday survival needs, economic success, cultural and spiritual needs, and coastal security. This life-bearing source is under dire threat due to global exploitation and apathy. Ocean Wise Conservation Organization operates under the mission of creating a world where oceans are healthy and flourishing. Success in conservation requires the collaboration of perspectives and expertise from all spheres of humanity, and an in-depth understanding of the complex issues that jeopardize ocean health and sustainability. 

Ocean Wise specializes in four key areas of ocean conservation: climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and unsustainable resources extraction. Within each of these topics are interwoven threats imposed on the global ocean. It is near impossible to talk about one threat without touching on the others, speaking to the interconnectedness of the ocean itself. Through an exploration of these topics, students can examine a range of perspectives across environmental sciences, research and conservation, government regulation and policy, culture and society, economics and industry, and arts and communication.


View the attached document Ocean Conservation Research Topics to see a full breakdown of potential conservation issues

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