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Amazon River

The Amazon River is the longest river in the world! It provides travel, nutrients and minerals across northern Brazil, and is also a home a wide diversity of freshwater organisms.

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Bow River

Bow River runs off the glacial Lake Louise in northern Alberta, Canada. This river through all its twists and turns connects Lake Louise to the ocean. Try following the river's path.

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Brunette River

Flowing out of Burnaby Lake, joining the Fraser River into Salish Sea

Capilano Dam

Water shed that supplies Vancouver with 1/3 of its fresh drinking water!

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Capilano River

Where the river meet the Burrard Inlet

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Fraser River

The Mighty Fraser River!!!

Fraser River to the Pacific Ocean

I've tagged the Fraser River that flows out to the Pacific Ocean.

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Lake Eyre

Some lakes are land locked, and not connected to a major river or stream. These lakes are still connected to the ocean however, through the water cycle!

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Nicole Lam

It's one of longest rivers in Hong Kong. The river starts from the tallest mountain of Hong Kong, flows through a little district called Shatin and finally reach the sea where sea turtles and coral communities live! People do recreational activities such as running, joggling and cycling there! However, litters could be found nearby. 

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The Nile River

The Nile River was vital for the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Many civilizations were founded along coast lines or along rivers in order to have access to transportation, water and food.

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Kalamalka Lake is a glacial lake. The main inflow is from wood lake. The lake drained by Vernon creek at the north end, then passes through the city of Vernon and flows into Okanagan Lake. Then it flows  into the Okanagan river, then into the the Columbia river, and then into the Pacific ocean. 

Where Fraser River meets the Salish Sea VeeVee