7. Oceans Unexplored

The ocean is important for all humans, plants, and animals. It is necessary for our life. But we know more about outer space than we do about the ocean! Only 5% of the ocean has been explored, that means we still have 95% of the ocean still to learn about! It is important to learn about the ocean so that we can better understand it. The better we understand the ocean's important characteristics and the life that can be found there, the more we will be able to predict the future of the ocean and help it be healthy.

Technology is very important to ocean exploration. Thanks to new technology, we are able to explore new areas that science has never been able to travel before. What would your submarine look like if you were going to explore the ocean?

File:Ictineu 3 submersible.JPG

You do not have to be a scientist to help with science. Citizen Scientists help out every day with research. These are people just like you who help collect data or information for scientists performing important research.

You can participate in the BC Cetacean Sightings Network by sending in any sightings you have of porpoises, dolphins, or whales. This is helping researchers understand both population sizes and migration patterns of these amazing animals. You do not have to be in BC to report sightings. Researchers will collect data from all around the world.

File:Humpback whale fluke (2).jpg

Ocean exploration requires teamwork and respect. It means collaborating with not only scientists but also artists, divers, fisherman, government politicians, chefs, and the public. Both arts and sciences are used in ocean exploration. New technology is allowing us to go further and deeper than we could ever go before. As the next generation of scientists, you have the chance to learn or explore something that has never been known before.

Now is your chance to be an explorer too. Head over to our Submarine Explorer game for the next activity

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