1. One Big Ocean

Water is the earth’s most important feature. It is so big it can be seen all the way from space and covers over 70% of the planet’s surface. 97% of water on earth is found in the ocean.

There are 5 major ocean basins around the world: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Southern (Antarctic) Ocean. All of these basins together form one big world ocean!

The ocean is an incredible world. It has some of the highest mountains and deepest valleys. The ocean is just as diverse as the world we see on land and is home to millions of different living organisms.

The ocean is like a global conveyor belt. With the winds, tides, and earth's rotation, the ocean moves the water, nutrients, and even animals all around the world. By doing this, it helps to maintain balance in the ocean. This movement is very important to the health of the ocean and any changes to it can have a large impact on the climate and cause changes to an ecosystem.

Streams and rivers are very important for connecting inland water back to the ocean. They carry nutrients, water, animals, and pollutants from the land back to the ocean. To find out more complete the Streams and Rivers activity

The place where a river or stream connects with the ocean is called an Estuary and this is where salt and fresh water mix. Estuaries are habitats for many different kinds of animals but are very much as risk. Find out how by playing the Where the River Meets the Sea game . Help Oscar the Otter and his friends' save his Estuary home.

The ocean also plays a major role in the water cycle which moves water all over the world. The water cycle is essential for the health of the planet as well as for humans, plants, and animals alike. Learn how by completing the Water x Water x Water Activity

By completing these activities you will earn different badges to add to your progress.

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