Discovering New Land


Volcanoes are an explosive reaction on the earth's crust that releases ash, rocks, and magma (liquid rock) from underneath the earth. Many of these volcanoes are found underwater! Once the magma cools and hardens it forms new land. Many of the islands we know today were formed through volcanoes.

The ocean landscape is being changed every single day. New land can be formed at any time!

Volcanoes are also very important because they release new rock and minerals from below the earth's crust. Volcanoes can also form rocks, as we have also learned.


What would happen if a volcano erupted under water? How would that change the ocean landscape?

After a new island is formed, what is the first thing that would need to live there before an ecosystem could grow? Why?

Find a volcano near you. Is this volcano active or dormant? How would the volcano impact the environment around it if it were to erupt?

These questions can be discussed and answered in a Discussion thread!

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Learning Objectives

The understand the role volcanoes play in shaping the earth.

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